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Novaland Media & Film Production

Novaland Media & Film Production Company is an international media producing, marketing and entertainment group. Our professionals have established a unique and strong business network within the entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, and multi-platform media entities.

Our team works with Hollywood studios such as Disney, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros and more than 28 Chinese media outlet including Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television, to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability, and professionalism.

Our founding partners specialize a wide range of entertainment, marketing and event platforms for major national and international clients from China and United States, such as Chimelong Group, UCFTI Expo, HuaDing Awards, TCL Corp, Profiles in History auction house, etc., specializing in integrated and strategic thinking and provides a wide spectrum of services including China Film Cinema Advertisement, Original Content Productions, Entertainment and Event marketing, PR Services and Talent Representations.

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Talent Management

Novaland is a multi-channel network that represents talented actors, models, singers, dancers and gamers, helping them advance their careers by showcasing their talents on our partnered video/ live stream platforms and major social media sites.

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PR & Marketing

To CREATE and IMPLEMENT innovative bilingual public relations campaigns for new media, cultural and artistic professionals and enterprises including theme parks, design firms, media outlets, film companies and talented individuals who seek for brand expansion in the U.S. and/or in China.

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Flim & TV Development

To CHAMPION the cause of independent films and television series, and support a global community of filmmakers and artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision.

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China Cinema Advertising

In November 2014, China Film Marketing Co, a subsidiary company of China Film Group Corporation (CFG) has signed an exclusive partnership with OCVP Inc. to manage its overseas cinema advertising market. Novaland will work as the exclusive partner of OCVP Inc. in LA.

The revenue of China’s Cinema Advertising has reached 26 million USD in 2014 with domestic films. The next big market in the cinema advertising with Hollywood films.

Flim & TV Development
Script Development
Focusing on genre writers who have creative ways of storytelling that are easy-to-­make and delivers either a universally acceptable stories and/or visual impacts.
Pitch Presentation
Create strong pitch presentations using story treatment, outlines, story boards, character animatic, and video trailers for potential investors and studio producers.
Production Funding
  1. Get studio fund for movies or TV pilot during the script development phase.
  2. Find multiple investors to form limited partnerships for each project.
  3. Crowd funding through IndieGoGo, Film Independent, Kickstarter.
  4. Product placements
Marketing Strategies
Social media campaigns, film competitions, web series seminars, celebrity and critic endorsement (get supportive tweets or quotes from established celebrities and critics).


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The 21th Huading Awards
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The 5th THX Screenings
Aurora Alliance Films’ Launch 2015
Huace Group and Fox International Productions Signing Ceremony


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