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Live Streamer

Do you want to be a social media influencer?

Seize the chance to increase your fan base quickly and organically while getting paid from live streaming!

We are looking for talented people for popular live streaming apps. It is a great opportunity to increase your fan base and earn money with your passion. We will educate, train and manage you to a successful live streaming career.

  • Have an outgoing personality and loves interacting with people
  • Become our partner streamer and showcase your talents on live streaming platforms
  • Deliver talented live streaming contents (singing/dancing/gaming), engage in conversations with viewers, and maintain your fan base on all social media platforms
Live Streaming Talent Manager
  • Have exclusive resource and connections to talents and keep seeking out new talents for the company
  • Supervise the careers of live streaming talents by constantly monitoring their live performance and keep their earnings updated
  • Offer creative guidance to live streaming talent, promote and manage their social media profiles
  • Have excellent communication and management skills, report talents’ performance in to the company by the end of the month

Public Relations Specialistt


• Study the objectives, promotional policies, and needs of organizations to develop public relations strategies that will influence public opinion and promote ideas, products, and services.
• Plan and direct development and communication of programs to maintain favorable public perceptions of the accomplishments, agenda, and environmental responsibility of Novaland’s clients.
• Confer with other professional to identify trends and key group interests and concerns and to provide advice on business decisions.
• Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, and/or exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness and to promote goodwill.
• Confer with production and support personnel to produce and coordinate production of advertisements and promotions.
• Consult with advertising agencies and staff to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for products, organizations, and individuals.
• Plan and conduct market and public opinion research to test products and determine potential for product success, communicating results to client and management.


• Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or related field.
• Professional, positive and energetic.
• Outstanding interpersonal communication skills.
• Goal driven and self motivated.